Jerrell’s installs a large variety of structural elements including pergolas, arbors, gates and bridges. Using advanced technology of fiberglass composite materials to conventional cedar, Jerrell’s add the structural elements to your property for shade, privacy, aesthetics and value. They utilize professionally trained crews and state of the art equipment. This allows Jerrell’s to expedite the installation process of each project from days into a matter of hours.

Jerrell’s pergolas are custom designed and build to fit each unique property’s situation or pre-fabricated to enhance a particular location. Most pre fabricated pergolas are 10’x 10’ or 12’x 12’ in size with fine architectural details. Details include treated posts, lattice compliments and stone bases, while materials include oak, cedar, southern pine, vinyl and composites. Their pergolas add shade to any patio and visually enhance the outdoor living space.

Jerrell’s arbors and gates compliment any entry. Made from a wide selection of materials, each arbor and gate is installed to create the perfect entrance. Materials include black aluminum, cedar, southern pine, vinyl and composites.

Jerrell’s also install Japanese, Victorian, vinyl and wooden bridges. Bridges create another structural element to any landscape where there are swales or water impeding areas.

All workmanship and materials are of the highest quality to ensure maximum longevity. Jerrell’s guarantees structural installations for a minimum of two years. All materials have a smooth sanded like finish for durability and weather resistance along with stainless steel screws. You can relax knowing pergola, arbor, gate or bridge was installed correctly with quality and integrity the Jerrell name has had for over a decade.

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