Jerrell’s delivers and installs only the highest quality of mulch varieties. Each of their varieties has a purpose & benefit distinct to itself.

Their Organic Triple Shred is a dark, organic mulch created to improve soil fertility. This mulch naturally breaks down into compost. The benefits include an increase in microbial activity, nutrient availability and plant growth. It also retains heat in the spring and cools the soil in the summer for best plant conditions.

Other popular mulches include Jerrell’s signature Black & Brown Dyed mulches. The benefits of these mulches are their long lasting seasonal color, water retention for plants and use for erosion, sediment & weed control. These mulches also act as an insect repellant and stunts weed germination.

Their Playground mulch consists of 100% natural virgin wood for both residential and commercial uses. A depth of 12 inches is recommended to meet all U.S. CPSC and American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) shock-absorption standards for playground surface materials. This playground mulch meets wheelchair accessibility requirements and other Americans with Disabilities Act provisions that apply to playground surfaces.

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