Jerrell’s create naturalistic & ecological water retreats that are interactive and educational for children. Their waterscapes have the ability to mask noise, create visual interest and provide a calm & soothing atmosphere for any property. Jerrell’s utilize professionally trained crews and state of the art machine equipment. This allows Jerrell’s to expedite the installation process of each project from days into a matter of hours.

Jerrell’s dig ponds to create a natural environment with cascading waterfalls, rocky streams and serene ponds filled with blooming water lilies and coy fish. They design and integrate the pond into the existing landscape considering shade, sun. trees and drainage elements. Jerrell’s builds ponds with great consideration to shape, size and depth of the pond with relation to property size and client’s overall goals for fish and aquatic life.

Pondless Waterfalls Jerrell’s can beautify a small space by adding the sound of running water with a cascading waterfall, flowing stream, and then the water disappears into decorative rocks, without a pond. Jerrell’s constructs pondless waterfalls in which the water is circulated from beneath the decorative rocks by a concealed submersible pump, travels through an underground pipe to the top of the waterfall, down the rock stream and empties into the waterfall basin where the pump is located. A Pondless waterfall is a great alternative to a pond with no ecological concerns and is virtually maintenance free. Jerrell’s installs additional features such as timers and auto filling to replace evaporated water.

Fountains Jerrell’s builds custom fountains and installs self contained fountains for easy maintenance and a beautiful effect. From naturalistic to formal fountains, the sound of cascading water will create a relaxing environment. They install fiberglass, cast stone, copper, rock, garden, wall and meditation fountains.

Jerrell’s guarantees each waterscape installation for a minimum of one year on materials and workmanship. You can relax knowing you waterscape was installed correctly with quality and integrity the Jerrell name has had for over a decade.

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