Jerrell’s install a great selection of plant materials to create beautiful gardens for each client’s personal needs. They utilize professionally trained crews and state of the art machine equipment. This allows Jerrell’s to expedite the installation process of each project from weeks into a matter of days.

Jerrell’s design & create a large variety of gardens to suite each individual’s specific property and ideals. Complete Renovation Gardens are quite that. They use low maintenance plants to best suite a property, raising the home & aesthetic values. Jerrell’s install Native Gardens using native plants for natural diversity and ecological balance for the local wildlife. In their Deer & Wildlife Resistant Gardens, they use only NJ tested wildlife plants so the homeowner’ plants will co-exist with the wildlife near preserves and wooded areas without being eaten or damaged. Xeriscape Gardens consist of drought resistant plants where rainfall & irrigation are limited, restricted or non existent. Bird & Butterfly Gardens attract large varieties of wildlife with bright pastel colors and sweet fragrances. Their Rock & Boulder Gardens consist of various sized rocks & boulders to accent landscapes. Jerrell’s use sensory plants to create healing environments for those with ailments in their Therapeutic Gardens.

Jerrell’s guarantees every plant installation for a minimum of six months with an operable irrigation system. All installed plants are free of pests and disease as well. You can relax knowing your plant garden was installed correctly with quality and integrity the Jerrell name has had for over a decade.

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