Jerrell’s topsoil has a high concentration of organic matter and micro-organisms, where most biological soil activity occurs. Plants generally concentrate their roots here and obtain most of their nutrients from this layer. Jerrell’s delivers and installs several types of topsoil products.
Screened Topsoil is screened to remove large rocks, sod and debris down to approximately 1″ square. Screened topsoil can be used to install plants within, fill holes, raise grade levels of lawns, in pots etc.
Jerrell’s can custom make screened topsoil to meet required sand, loam and clay percentage requirements.

Unscreened Topsoil is fairly clean, but may have some rocks, sod, etc. Unscreened topsoil can be used for fill, patching holes, in gardens, and planters.

Fill is soil with less organic material & micro organisms, reducing plant growth & activity. Fill can be used for areas requiring little plant growth or too deep for plant roots.

Compost is a combination of soil and a large quantity of organic matter & microbial bio mass, such as decomposed grass clipping and leaves. Compost can be used to restore ecological processes of degrading soils. This is a great remedy for lawns that do not respond to fertilizer applications & irrigation.

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