Jerrell’s delivers seasoned firewood year round. They personally split the wood to standard practice sizes and allow the wood to season naturally outdoors for a period no less than 9 months. They are environmentally conscious so all of their wood is from Burlington & Camden Counties. Jerrell’s does not import trees or material with harmful tree killing insects or tree diseases found in wood from other states or counties.

Mixed Hardwoods: Maple, Cherry, Gum, Locust & Sycamore (No Pine) These types of wood start easy, burn continuously, burn efficiently, and produce heat.

Oak: A very dense type of wood that increases burn time length & heats hotter than mixed hardwoods.

Due to the rising costs of today’s heating fuels, firewood is now being used more often as a primary heating source. In the past firewood was a secondary heating source for entertainment etc. Recently, firewood has shown to be more economical & effective as a heating source than other fuel sources. See Jerrell’s on Channel 3’s firewood segment.

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